Ashley & Joe | Engaged! | Leavenworth WA wedding photographer

They met through mutual friends while in college, when, as they both put it, “she crashed boy’s night”. From then on, Ashley crashed many boy’s nights, but Joe was more than happy to have her along, and, actually, so were the guys. Ashley and Joe’s love is one of spontaneity, laughter, and laid back ease…their friends are lucky.

These two both have a love for the outdoors…probably more Joe than Ashley though, as he’s more likely to be found camping or fishing throughout the year, whereas Ashley might be found camping in front of the Nordstrom store before it opens, then fishing for the very cutest new pair of boots. Ashley is happy to go along with Joe on his outings, just as he is happy to go along with her.

This is why, when Joe asked Ashley if she’d like to go to the batting cages one afternoon, she didn’t even hesitate. It sounded like the perfect way to spend the day with her man. After, as Ashley put it, she embarrassed him with her pro abilities, they began to clean up, and when she turned back to Joe, there he stood with the ring in his glove. Ashley then told him, he’d have to get down on one knee and officially asked her, “It was the beginning of the crazy marriage we will have and a high point of the silly romance we’ve created; I would expect nothing less!” she told me.

Ashley and Joe, you two are the absolute cutest and I have truly been SO thrilled to get to know you! I can not wait to celebrate with you at your wedding! A heartfelt congratulations!!!



{without waiting for the question…she said yes}

Less than a month ago, Stephenie and Tyler took a little trip west, over the mountains from their home in Cashmere. They promised themselves that this time they wouldn’t just drive by all of the scenic stops between central Washington and Seattle. But, as usual, well-into the trip, they realized they’d missed their chance, well almost. There was one place they’d always said they should stop, but never had –Snoqualmie Falls.

It was pouring down rain when they arrived and few people were there, but Stephenie and Tyler got out of the car anyway and Stephenie walked toward the falls so she could at least say she’d been there and seen it. Because she’s a short-y (no offense, I’m in the same category 🙂 ) she walked down the path to find a different vantage point from which she could view the magnificent cascade of water pouring down over the cliffs. When she turned to find out where Tyler had gone, he was closer to eye-level than she was used to –down on his knee with a ring in his hand. Tears immediately began to pour down her cheeks, mixing with the pelting rain and the constant mist from the falls, “Why are you crying?” Tyler asked, “I haven’t said anything yet!” Without waiting for the question she said, “Yes!” They ran to the car to find shelter and to call their family back in Cashmere to share the good news.

What began as a usual trip across the mountains turned into the story they will share with each member of their family yet to come. A story that is simultaneously their future and immediately their history.

To commemorate that beautiful story, we went back to Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge on a much drier day, though the falls still misted us every chance it could get…

You two are simply the cutest and I adore you…here’s to your wonderful story & your brilliant future…


{my heart is full}

Styled Engagement Session giveaway winner

Congratulations to the {styled} Engagement Session giveaway winners, Christopher Hart and Kristina Boyd!  I am so, so excited to be able to photograph these two and to share their amazing love for one another with the rest of you.

Guess what?! That’s not all!

Atlas & Elia Photography will give away a day of wedding photography (8+ hours of photography+engagement session+gallery of high-resolution edited images ready to download) to one of the couples who entered this giveaway!!! Here is the deal: IF the Atlas & Elia Photography Facebook fan page reaches 1,000 “likes” by midnight on March 31, 2012 one couple will win! That’s it!

The fun thing is, you can all help one couple win! Just tell each of your friends, your co-workers, family members, baristas, accountants, hair stylists and dog groomers to “like” Atlas & Elia Photography’s fan page! If we reach 1,000 “likes”, one lucky couple will randomly be chosen (by to win!

*Some restrictions apply.

Winner will be announced April 1st, 2012 (no fooling)!




Once in a Leap Year {Engagement Session} Giveaway!

First and foremost, Happy Leap Day!!! Has anyone seen Leap Day William yet? I know I’m taking my dogs to the mall to have their photos taken with him later today… if you don’t know what I’m referring to, go here:

Image Courtesy of NBC

Now that you’re back…it’s time for a giveaway!

I am thrilled to give away a styled engagement session to one amazing engaged couple! What is a “styled” engagement session? We collaborate beforehand to find a theme that reflects you and your style. We work together to coordinate your outfits, props and any other things to “style” your session!

Do you know a deserving couple who is engaged to be married? If so, I want to hear about them! And, I want you to nominate them!

Here’s what you need to do:

1) (If you haven’t already) Like “Atlas & Elia Photography” on FACEBOOK.

2) post this to your Facebook page: “I nominated _______ (put your friend’s name here who you are nominating, and make sure to tag them) to receive a complimentary engagement session from Atlas & Elia Photography! Go HERE: to find out how you can nominate someone too!

3) Make sure to tag “@atlas & elia photography” in that post.

4) In the comment box below, please tell me a) Who you are nominating b) Why they are the perfect couple to receive a complimentary engagement session from Atlas & Elia Photography!

4) Email me your contact information, the names and a photo of the couple you are nominating. My email:

The deadline for nominations is March 10th!

Once all of the nominations are in, I will post the photos of the nominated couples on my Facebook page along with their story. Then, it’s up to all of you to vote for your favorite couple!! The person with the most “likes” on their photo by March 17th will win!

I can’t wait to see who the winner will be!

p.s. You can certainly nominate yourself!

*All photo sessions must take place in Washington or Oregon.


{Engaged} Colleen & Arius {Cashmere Washington}

They met at the circus when they were just children. They remember it, but really only because there is a photograph to prove it. The second time, they didn’t need a photograph to know it was real. Their lives crossed again at Colleen’s best friend’s wedding. And Colleen’s best friend just happened to be Arius’ cousin. Their connection was immediate.

Colleen lived in Wenatchee and Arius lived in Chicago, but a season of phone calls and traveling to see one another solidified what they maybe knew from the very moment they saw each other for the second time. They were in love and they wanted to be in that love for the rest of their lives.

Colleen and Arius, your connection is undeniable. Watching your love expressed throughout this day was such a joy. Every moment I wasn’t asking you to look into each other’s eyes, or to kiss, you were…or were about to anyway!

Not only is your connection with one another strong, your honest desire to connect with others on a real level, is extremely apparent. You draw people to you. It’s a truly beautiful thing. As we lead up to your beautiful wedding(s) in June and October, James and I look forward to spending some quality time getting to know you better!

Until then….




{my heart is full}


Styled {engagement} {Cashmere, Washington}

beauty. inside & out.

here is a little peek at the engagement session I had the honor of photographing this afternoon. Colleen & Arius, I can’t stop smiling! You are such wonderful individuals…and together you are incredible…

{my heart is full}