Ashley & Joe | Engaged! | Leavenworth WA wedding photographer

They met through mutual friends while in college, when, as they both put it, “she crashed boy’s night”. From then on, Ashley crashed many boy’s nights, but Joe was more than happy to have her along, and, actually, so were the guys. Ashley and Joe’s love is one of spontaneity, laughter, and laid back ease…their friends are lucky.

These two both have a love for the outdoors…probably more Joe than Ashley though, as he’s more likely to be found camping or fishing throughout the year, whereas Ashley might be found camping in front of the Nordstrom store before it opens, then fishing for the very cutest new pair of boots. Ashley is happy to go along with Joe on his outings, just as he is happy to go along with her.

This is why, when Joe asked Ashley if she’d like to go to the batting cages one afternoon, she didn’t even hesitate. It sounded like the perfect way to spend the day with her man. After, as Ashley put it, she embarrassed him with her pro abilities, they began to clean up, and when she turned back to Joe, there he stood with the ring in his glove. Ashley then told him, he’d have to get down on one knee and officially asked her, “It was the beginning of the crazy marriage we will have and a high point of the silly romance we’ve created; I would expect nothing less!” she told me.

Ashley and Joe, you two are the absolute cutest and I have truly been SO thrilled to get to know you! I can not wait to celebrate with you at your wedding! A heartfelt congratulations!!!



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