As a lover of travel and all things wedding, Atlas & Elia Photography will go anywhere
in the world to photograph weddings! Where to next?


I stood on a bridge in Amsterdam when I first discovered what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I began crafting the story of my travels in my mind, not in words, but in images. On this particular trip I had forgot to pack my dad’s old 35mm film camera. I felt lost without it. I bought a disposable camera and suddenly I had the ability to communicate my story.

I knew, right then and there, this is the craft I had to pursue as my life’s work. Telling my story through photographs was exciting, but soon I discovered I was most passionate about telling other people’s stories. Working as a photojournalist I shared in other’s heartbreak and joys, always making sure my subjects knew how much I cared and striving to tell a greater story of humanity.

My photography has always been about people. That, and always trying to get at the core of who we are and what matters most to us humans.

A few years ago I was again struck with a realization: I could combine my love of documentary photography with my emerging love of portraiture through wedding photography! And shortly after, Atlas & Elia photography was born.

From that very first realization that my camera is my tool to tell a story, until now, my goals have remained the same: To remind those who view my work, as well as the subjects of my work, that we are all connected and that we are more similar than we are different. I am reminded of this every time I photograph a wedding and every time I have the opportunity to travel (two things I LOVE to combine, by the way)!

It feels like a dream to have discovered what feels like the perfect fit for my life’s work. I am honored to continually be asked to do what I do. If you feel drawn to my work and the spirit of what I do, I want to hear from you! Call, email, text! Let’s be a reminder to each other of all of the good and humanity this world has to offer!