{Engaged} Colleen & Arius {Cashmere Washington}

They met at the circus when they were just children. They remember it, but really only because there is a photograph to prove it. The second time, they didn’t need a photograph to know it was real. Their lives crossed again at Colleen’s best friend’s wedding. And Colleen’s best friend just happened to be Arius’ cousin. Their connection was immediate.

Colleen lived in Wenatchee and Arius lived in Chicago, but a season of phone calls and traveling to see one another solidified what they maybe knew from the very moment they saw each other for the second time. They were in love and they wanted to be in that love for the rest of their lives.

Colleen and Arius, your connection is undeniable. Watching your love expressed throughout this day was such a joy. Every moment I wasn’t asking you to look into each other’s eyes, or to kiss, you were…or were about to anyway!

Not only is your connection with one another strong, your honest desire to connect with others on a real level, is extremely apparent. You draw people to you. It’s a truly beautiful thing. As we lead up to your beautiful wedding(s) in June and October, James and I look forward to spending some quality time getting to know you better!

Until then….




{my heart is full}


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