{without waiting for the question…she said yes}

Less than a month ago, Stephenie and Tyler took a little trip west, over the mountains from their home in Cashmere. They promised themselves that this time they wouldn’t just drive by all of the scenic stops between central Washington and Seattle. But, as usual, well-into the trip, they realized they’d missed their chance, well almost. There was one place they’d always said they should stop, but never had –Snoqualmie Falls.

It was pouring down rain when they arrived and few people were there, but Stephenie and Tyler got out of the car anyway and Stephenie walked toward the falls so she could at least say she’d been there and seen it. Because she’s a short-y (no offense, I’m in the same category 🙂 ) she walked down the path to find a different vantage point from which she could view the magnificent cascade of water pouring down over the cliffs. When she turned to find out where Tyler had gone, he was closer to eye-level than she was used to –down on his knee with a ring in his hand. Tears immediately began to pour down her cheeks, mixing with the pelting rain and the constant mist from the falls, “Why are you crying?” Tyler asked, “I haven’t said anything yet!” Without waiting for the question she said, “Yes!” They ran to the car to find shelter and to call their family back in Cashmere to share the good news.

What began as a usual trip across the mountains turned into the story they will share with each member of their family yet to come. A story that is simultaneously their future and immediately their history.

To commemorate that beautiful story, we went back to Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge on a much drier day, though the falls still misted us every chance it could get…

You two are simply the cutest and I adore you…here’s to your wonderful story & your brilliant future…


{my heart is full}

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