Your Wedding Day Soiree “The Details” {Wenatchee Wedding Photographer}

As the saying goes, “It’s all in the details,” and no two people know this best than Janine Davis (Bloomers) and Amy Aguigui (Etcetera)! This duo, who own separate home decor businesses in downtown Wenatchee, came together for our event to create an ambiance reminiscent of a intimate evening party at a grand French-countryside manor, which is apropos since this was a soirée afterall.

Janine and Amy went above and beyond with the centerpieces…pulling off something I’ve never seen before (hint: it includes live animals)! Beautiful decanters and cut glass bottles adorned the bar and cake table, creating glittering, light-filled clusters throughout the space once the sun-drenched garden faded into dusk. The natural canopy from a maple tree dotted with globe lanterns and large wrought iron lights throughout, created a fantastic outdoor room!

Okay, enough fanciful talk, I’ll let the work speak for itself…


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Outside of their businesses, both Janine from Bloomers and Amy at Etcetera work on wedding theme planning and decoration. I can’t wait to give you a little insight into the way these two amazing women look at life and work in my next few posts! See you soon!




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