Windy Day in the Desert {family photo session}

I was humming with energy & ideas as I drove from WPPI in Las Vegas back to California to spend a few more days with my best friend & her brand new baby, when I suddenly (after several iced coffees and lots o’ water) had to use the restroom! (If you know me, you know this is a constant in my life). Luckily, there in the middle of the desert was a rest stop! I made it (barely) despite the freakishly high winds that made it difficult to make it to and from my car to the surprisingly clean bathroom. Once I got back in the car, I started to look around the grounds of the desert locale. It was classic…harsh, bright white desert sun, sand, palm trees (most likely not native, but still cute), so I snapped a few photos on my iphone.

It was as I was squinting through the sun and wind, that I saw a beautiful little girl and her mother, both in bright pink, standing out against the white sand. I saw them placed in the frame I’d just made with my iphone. I didn’t want to be weird and ask them to be apart of my photos, but on the other hand, it just seemed like SUCH a perfect chance to put all of my creativity into action!

So, I said to myself, “what the heck!” And I asked them! Their response was so positive and I really attribute that to my attitude toward them about it. In my day job, as a photojournalist, I constantly take photographs of people in public without them knowing and then ask them for their name and if it’s O.K. if I use their photo in the newspaper. More than nine times out of 10 they agree!

I am honest, and open and try to gain their trust as soon as possible. And that’s just what I did with the family I met.

I also really wanted them to know how beautiful and awesome they were and I told them that throughout the 20 or so minutes we spent together. Their little girl, Ava, was such a joy to meet and photograph, she just made me smile and laugh right along with her!

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