When everything falls into place | Molly & Brandon | Engaged! | Seattle Engagement Photographer

Brandon describes his perfect day as a day “when everything falls into place”. In this description of the “perfect day,” it doesn’t actually say that things go perfectly…it just says that everything lines up…it happens just as it was supposed to…

Molly and Brandon had met many times before through friends, but they hadn’t actually spent any time together. Then, a mutual friend invited them both to go skiing and so they spent the day together. It just so happens that it was the day after Molly went on an especially bad date. Maybe it was the way she told the story of her date. Maybe it was the way she wrinkled her nose when she laughed. Maybe it was the undeniable attraction that they have for one another, but on that day…everything just fell into place.

When Molly and Brandon took a trip to NYC over Christmas, they spent one day riding bikes in the city and exploring together. That evening they decided to go out for a really nice dinner. And, on that night, one of the most high-profile wedding planners in the country also decided to go out to dinner and happened to sit next to them. The wedding planner also decided to impart some “wisdom” (something about how it was better NOT to get married, etc.) and then grilled them about marriage and the meaning of love. As if the stars had aligned, Brandon sat nodding his head…with the ring in his pocket. Brandon suggested they go for a carriage ride through Central Park and it was there, in the most perfect setting, he asked Molly if she would marry him. And, on the most perfect day, she said yes.

I wish you two many more perfect days ahead!

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