what if…

Over the weekend, I found out some really exciting news! It was so good, in fact, that I started jumping around the house, fist pumping and squealing! I couldn’t believe it! You see, a few months back, I went to a workshop put on by the fabulous duo known as “Justin & Mary” in Connecticut. Almost the first words out of Mary’s mouth when I met her were something like, “we just got back from this conference…it was life-changing”. She explained that she and Justin had spent a almost a week at this conference dreaming up and planning big things…things that would forever change their life. I thought, “where is this conference, and how can I get in on this?!” She then mentioned that the next one was going to be in Portland! I basically made up my mind right then and there to go…how could I not, afterall…it was LIFE CHANGING!

Shortly after I arrived home from their workshop, I looked in to this conference (known as the “What If Conference“) put on by another amazing husband and wife photography duo, Jen and Steve Bebb. I had every intention of going, but as I’ve said before life sometimes gets in the way of life… Alas, I realized I only have so much to spend on continuing education each year, and well, I’d spent mine…”It probably is life-changing,” I thought to myself, “but my life can wait to change…they’ll have another one soon enough”.  And then, I just kind of gave up on the idea…I put the whole thing out of my mind.

In June, Justin and Mary announced they were holding a contest in conjunction with the What If Conference. I excitedly, and (probably a little too hurriedly) entered the contest by writing a short description of what my life might look like if I dared to dream… if I were allowed to ask the question, “What If…”

Fast forward to this weekend… Saturday morning, I checked my work email (I don’t like to make this a habit on weekends, but I do anyway because well, who knows…maybe I’ll get an email that’s life-changing?”) and saw that Jen Bebb had written to me…to tell me I had won the contest! I was going to be able to attend the What If Conference…for free!!! (insert excited squealing, and happy dance here!!) In case you’re having a hard time visualizing how I feel right now…here you go…

You see, when I spoke with Mary back in February about this conference, it wasn’t just the fact that she said this conference was life-changing, it’s that since then, for Justin and Mary and several others who attended, it was life-changing. They literally wrote out their goals and then MADE. THEM. HAPPEN. This conference creates a space where you are allowed, no encouraged, no FORCED to dream big…to ask the big “WHAT IF?” and then puts you on the path to making your dreams and goals a reality!

I firmly believe that when we allow ourselves this kind of space to think and breathe…we open ourselves to all possibilities. Oftentimes, that is what conferences are for…to free yourself from the everyday, to think differently, and maybe make a few tweaks to the machine. But, what happens after the conference, usually ends up being a very different reality. You achieve maybe 1/100th of what you set out to do. Not because you’re a failure, but because…well, life gets in the way of LIFE!

This conference, the leaders and attendees, from what I can tell, give you the space to dream big, but then hold you accountable after you leave. How remarkable would that be?! What if that truly were the case…a community of people coming together to support you in making your biggest, craziest dreams come true? What if these dreams become realities? That truly would be life-changing, now wouldn’t it?

Here’s to dreaming…and then doing!

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