Wedding Books | The Design Process | Part I

When I first started designing wedding books (albums) I was daunted by the task (it still makes me kind of overwhelmed at the start). So what I had to do was break it down into parts and just start at the start, as they say.

For me, step 1 is to edit the wedding down to my very best images. Luckily, I’ve already attempted to do this when I blog the images from the wedding. And often, I create diptychs for my blog too, so I’ve already found images that pair well together, which is possibly my favorite way to display images together on a page.

So what is it that I’m looking for when I’m pairing images? There are a few things:

1. Color vs. Black & White Are both images color or are they both black and white. I do not pair b&w and color images together on the same page (and usually within the same layout, that is, two pages, side by side). Since I create my images in color and then convert to b&w, I could, of course, go back and find the original and see if it fits, but I usually look for another image that works rather than doing that. This is because, if I’ve seen that image as a b&w from the beginning, it often just won’t work for me in color any longer.

2. Subject Obviously, the wedding book is a medium to tell the story of my couple’s wedding day. So, for the most part, I tell the story chronologically. Each image on one page go together in time and in style and then flow into the next page using the same parameters. What do I mean by “style”? My style is consistant throughout the wedding, but the lens choice might be different, or the angle that I’m shooting from might vary, and of course, the emotions can be wildly different. So, I look to create cohesive spreads that show all aspects of the day, through tighter shots, then wider shots, joyful emotions, and more somber tones…

3. Logistics This is the part that makes me kind of want to avoid album design all together. I’m nervous I won’t be able to put the images together on the page in a aesthetically pleasing way and tell the story at the same time. Meaning, because I am not a professional designer, I don’t yet feel completely confident in my skills! And, I prefer clean, simple, lots of white space…and well, sometimes I think less is more…but clients tend to think, more is more!!

I am far from a designer, but once I begin working on a wedding book, I really get excited about the creative process and all of the little choices that go into making a keepsake that will be held and seen for generations…



p.s. We will talk about the rest of my book-making process in Part II, next Wednesday!

p.p.s. Happy 12.12.12 !! What are you doing at 12:12:12 on 12.12.12 ? (I’ll probably be by myself, eating a grilled cheese sandwich in my jammies, with my dogs begging next to me…)

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