Video for Jasmine Star’s CreativeLive workshop | Leavenworth Wedding Photographer

I am lucky enough to have friends who will do things like this for me…

And the point of this ridiculous video is…? ¬†you might ask. Well, one lucky person who creates a video will be chosen to attend a CreativeLive workshop with Jasmine Star in Seattle! This would be an amazing experience to work with the best in the industry in such a wonderfully educational environment!

For those of you who have not seen CreativeLive, it is all about sharing knowledge from amazing photographers in several different genres all online, for free! And, for each workshop, they choose real people to participate in person!

The theme of this workshop is “The Making & Marketing of an Editorial Wedding”, which is seriously exactly what I’d love to learn most about right now!

If I’m lucky enough to have friends who will be this silly with me, then here’s to hoping, with a little luck of the Irish on my side, I’ll be lucky enough to be chosen!




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