Tuesday | ToDoDay

Supposedly this is the “slow season” for wedding photographers. Well, I have news for y’all … ’tis not. As I write this, my shoulders are tense with stress, I’m all hopped up on coffee and I have a “to do” list that’s a mile long!

I’m definitely NOT complaining, but my oh my…this is not what I imagined for this quiet time of year! Some exciting things are happening in my corner of the world right now (see below), so I couldn’t be happier for all the excitement. What I am yearning for though, is a little order!

So, today for “Tuesday|ToDoDay” I am looking to figure out how to “keep calm and carry on” as they say!

Here’s my game plan:

1) Exercise! This isn’t news, but this is generally the first thing to go for me when I’m busy and stressed out.

2) Drink! …Water that is. I tend to wake in the morning, get my iced coffee and nurse that throughout the morning. While, I probably won’t give up coffee this week, I plan to drink water alongside the caffeine. My trusty water bottle by my side, staying hydrated is HUGE in staying focused.

3) Eat! Sometimes, I forget to eat. Like…until dinnertime. Yikes! This is quite possibly the worst habit I have. My brain gets all fuzzy, I can’t figure out why I’m so tired…I get crankY (with a capital “Y”!)

4) Downtime. Yesterday, and well, basically since Christmas, I’ve been really working on NOT working. We shot two weddings at the end of the year, so to a certain extent, that wasn’t possible! But, I made the decision to not blog daily these past two weeks and that time to just sleep in and not stress about work, has been much needed and super refreshing!

5) Time with Friends and Loved Ones! James and I have been more social than usual these past few weeks and it’s a reminder to me how much I crave real interactions with the people that matter most to me. It doesn’t have to be all the time, but James and I both realize that getting together with people we really want to see, brings us so much joy and is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity!

Notice that, none of these things will particularly create “order” but what they will do is help to melt the stress away. And when we do this, our brain allows us to begin to make connections again, which creates a sense of order. It’s amazing really. As the stress fades, I can almost feel my brain being able to think BIGGER, effectively, and much more clearly!

And, in case you’re wondering what’s on my plate that’s causing all this (possibly undue) stress…

First: Tomorrow I will be in the studio audience at CreativeLive with Jasmine Star for her 3 month ReSTARt workshop!!! I was invited to participate in the day and all the activities going on surrounding this workshop. Figuring out what to wear causes serious stress in and of itself! (If you have any advice for me, I’m still taking suggestions!) Go HERE to watch it LIVE tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan. 9) from 9-4 (PST)!

Second: The Bella Sera Platinum Bridal Show is this Saturday at the PAC (Wenatchee’s Performing Arts Center) and I will be one of the vendors in it! I’ve been working like a little bee to prepare and create an amazing experience for this exclusive bridal show! Check back Friday to find out more about it! But, if you’re in Wenatchee on Saturday January 12, please come! It’s free! It will be from 10-4 at the PAC. I will be downstairs, outside of the theatre where the fashion show will be held at 11 and 1!!! (Don’t worry, I won’t be IN the show!) Go HERE to find out more about the bridal show!



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