Toad In A Hole…it’s a midwestern thing

One morning, after going rowing on the Columbia, I chatted with a girl in our group. She used to row for University of Washington and is an ATH-lete. She took out her breakfast: a hard boiled egg and two pieces of bread. She cracked the egg on her thigh…uh, yea…peeled it then proceeded to smash the egg between the two pieces of bread and dig into it with big, ATH-lete sized bites.

I watched, not disgusted, but amazed. I thought, “I want to be the type of girl who smashes hard boiled eggs between bread and call it a day”…I’m serious, I thought that.

What I really meant in that thought though was, “I want to be a no non-sense, get-it-done-and-call-it-a-day kind of girl”. So here we are…I’ve made the quick and and dirty version of Toad in a Hole..

What is Toad in a Hole, you ask? Well, from my bff, Beth, who introduced me to this amazing culinary concoction…

“We butter both sides of bread, use a juice glass to cut a round hole in the middle, then put bread on frying pan, crack egg in middle, cook and voila! The most delicious breakfast (or dinner or lunch). Ben’s family did the same thing, but called it the less exciting: ‘egg in a hole'”.

I asked her where the name “Toad in a Hole” comes from, she wasn’t quite sure, but I’m guessing it’s a midwest thing, which makes me like it even more.

And, because I also like to be the girl who does things the right way…I also made up the real version…

What, you ask, does any of this have to do with being a wedding photographer? Well, here’s the thing…I’m learning that most of the time, doing things the “right” way and doing it well is my aim, but sometimes, I need to be the girl who just gets it done.

Taking action can be so powerful, just doing one simple thing that starts the larger task is all it takes to get the momentum going…and if means making a decision between being perfect and being practical, I’d like to be the egg-smashing type.

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