The Right Pair of Shoes + Making Decisions Before You Panic

Friends, today I’m in a bit of panic mode. You see, lately I’ve paired down and paired back when it comes to buying things like a new pair of shoes. Some (ahem, James) might not agree when they look at my collection tucked neatly away in my closet, but, it’s true. Whereas even just a few years ago, new shoes were the priority, now it’s things like saving for a new lens, or that new perfect chair for my office.

Secondly, it seems, that whenever I do decide to go all out and buy a totally impractical pair of suede, platform maryjanes, my good friends (dogs) Abbey and Parker decide it’s their new chew toy. This has happened more times than I’d like to count (I’d say the running tally is somewhere in the neighborhood of $873,271 in lost shoe costs).

So, today, because I am shopping for a specific occasion, and that occasion happens to be tomorrow night, and I live in a small town with limited resources and hence the reason I am panicking because I no longer own even ONE pair of acceptable dress shoes!

So today, I hunt. I will hunt them down and find them…and if they don’t match my dress, I will hunt one of those down too.

Now, I realize this truly has nothing to do with business, or weddings, but in general, this has been my life lately. Sort of living in panic mode that I won’t find the right (insert latest worry here). Whether that’s the right branding, the right outsourcing company, the right clients… etc., ad nauseum. And the result it a constant state of things feeling like, well, the dogs have just eaten my favorite pair of shoes and I have nothing to wear (in other words, I’m a mess)!

So, today, as I hunt for shoes (and possibly a dress, shhh, don’t tell James), I know I’ll be spending more than part of that time, hunting for some answers to a few other problem areas in my life and business right now.

I’ve listened to a few people podcasts this week (namely James Moes and Jen Huang on the My Musea podcast), and after hearing about their thoughts on this, I think one answer might be, to write down what my ultimate goal is (my overarching vision) and then to find out do these things that I worry about lead me to that solution. Will this plan help me find Kate Spade in Wenatchee? No. But, will it help me make decisions before I am forced to make that decision, and the result is worry rather than worthwhile choices? Yes!

Wish me luck people, wish me luck.



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