The Magic of Prints

Prints are magical to me! The physical reproduction of a digital or film negative is something to be cherished for sure. It’s like taking an idea and allowing it to come to life in the real world. Prints, especially from film, have a certain je ne sais quoi, and I don’t just say that because I like the way it sounds, but they really do…And even though they are the physical representation of our photographic work, they somehow have an other-worldly quality about them too. I think it’s that we so often do NOT see photographs in print form anymore, that they take on that quality.

I don’t push my clients to buy a lot of prints or products, but I do think it is something that deserves some thought. How do you want your images preserved? How do you want your photographs to be displayed, once you’ve received the digital copies? Do you want them to only live on Facebook or your Tumblr? It’s truly up to you, but I would say, “Please, please do not let that be the only place you view and others view these visual treasures or your life’s most important moments”.

Even if you print your images at Costco, that, to me is a step up. Of course, I use a professional lab to print from all of my digital and film negatives. I use Richard Photo Lab out of California, who also develops all of my film. They do the highest quality work I’ve ever seen, using the best quality papers, printers and inks.

One question I’ve been asking myself is, “Does  a photo really exist if no one sees it?” Now of course they do, but, I guess what  I mean in that is, what is the point of having a bunch of images from one of your most special days, if you don’t ever look at them…and not just in front of a computer, but a glance over to the mantle where you’ve framed your favorite image from the day, and suddenly you’re transported back to that day, that feeling, that memory…

Prints are an important thing. But guess what…James and I don’t have ONE. Not even one. And, I guess that’s why I’m writing about this today…I’ve put it off and put it off and it makes me sad that I haven’t made it a priority. My photographer just gave us the disc and that was it. It was up to us to go to Costco and get them printed. Now, 6 years…ahhhh SIX years later we haven’t even done that. I think it’s about time, I made some, don’t you?



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