The funniest friend I know { wenatchee portrait & wedding photographer }

i think all of my friends are genuinely funny people… (duh, of course I do, otherwise,  why would I hang out with them…besides the fact that they constantly ply me with free food and liquor.. jk jk) But, I have to say… (sorry everyone else) Beth is the funniest friend I know. And her sister, Annalisa or “Lissy” just adds to the fun! No joke, there’s hardly ever been a time when hanging out with Beth that I don’t a) spit food or liquid from my mouth because I’m laughing so hard b) cry because I’m laughing so hard c) pee my pants because I’m laughing so hard…yeah, I said it. Here are my girls in so cal earlier this year… Oh, and remember the littlest Lucas…he may have added to the smiles!

p.s. love you guys!!!

p.p.s. aren’t they stunning?!

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