Stop. Family Time.

Did you see what I did there…in the blog title? A little reference to MC Hammer for all the kids out there. I try to keep it fresh like that 🙂 I kid! I kid!

This past weekend, we took a short, but very sweet trip to the Oregon Coast with family…it was so great to STOP and spend time with family and for James and I to just get away from it all for a minute…

I love to travel and will go to great lengths (and in the case of this weekend, great distances) to see new things and go on little adventures. It’s so necessary for me to do this on a regular basis. And, going to the ocean in Oregon, a place I haven’t been for over a decade, was exactly the place I needed to go. I’m excited to begin planning our next little adventure.



p.s. Best Worst Video Ever. (Watch this…you’ll thank me later.)

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