Standing up…

A few weeks ago, I took a stand. I was tired of it. I didn’t know what else to do. I was scared. So, I made a change…I decided to make a standing desk. Oh, you thought I did something heroic? No, not really. But, I did something that has, so far, made a significant impact, both on my physical health and mental health.

Here’s how I did it:

1) I raised my current desk from the ground up. My original desk is made of two Ikea shelves and a glass desk top. So, I took a bench that matches the bookshelves and put it under the existing set up.

This made the desk height perfect for me, ergonomically, as now my hands sit at 90 degrees from my body as I rest them on the keyboard…

2) I take breaks. Sometimes I just lean back on the wall, or rest my foot up on the ledge of the bench. And sometimes I go sit on an exercise ball.

After three weeks of standing all day (8+ hours per day) my body has adjusted (namely my lower back)! I no longer feel that I have to stretch my back repeatedly throughout the day.

3) I haven’t found the right one, but the final step in my conversion from sitting to standing at work, is to buy a floor mat:

(If you have any suggestions about which one to buy, please let me know!)

Why did I decide to do this? Well, I kept reading about how I was going to die if I didn’t! It seemed the science was there to support this idea that if you sit for prolonged periods of time, you can take years off your life. And often, (usually while editing images) I would sit for 4+ hours at a time without leaving my chair. Since I didn’t seem to be able to stop that habit, I decided to change all together.

I feel so good physically, with less aches and pains overall. But, I would say the mental change has been more drastic. I definitely have allowed myself to be distracted by the usual social media suspects, but I find that I am MUCH more on-task as I work. Others have said it, but it’s as if you are constantly reminded “hey, you’re at work, why else would you be standing here?!” and then I quickly get back to real work.

Have you converted to standing at work? How do you feel? If you haven’t and you have questions about how you can do it, please ask me! I’m happy to help!



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