Social Media Free | It’s a Choice

Yesterday, I told myself, you know what, “You can do anything you want today…James is off from work, and you should spend time with him, so you can just hang out!” What did I do though? I spent a good two hours in the morning reading blogs, checking Twitter, you know–the usual.

And, what did that mean for my time with James? Well, it meant I wasn’t going to be able to make him breakfast, go for a snowy walk in the neighborhood. It meant less time snuggling, less hot chocolate breaks, less time being present with him. I had lots of work to finish, so I did have to make time for that, but by wasting a good portion of my morning, I made a decision that the “anything I want to do today” was going to be wasting time online, not what is important to me.

I have a choice, each and every day, to make my real life a priority, or to make my online life the priority. To give all of my time to my job, or to give a concerted amount of time to work, in order to live my actual life to its fullest. When I make the choice to wile away my time online with no real purpose, I am actively choosing to disregard the import things in my life.

Today, James isn’t here, he’s back at work. I don’t have the choice to walk out of my office and into the living room to give him a kiss on the cheek, “just because”. That moment is gone. These distractions in my life are a HUGE problem for me. It’s pretty much my only vice, I’d say. So, how do I make sure I am more fully involved in my life, free from those distractions? Well, one thing I’m trying, is to go “social media free” on the weekends (this weekend I was better, but not perfect). Other things I’ve tried (and failed at) are choosing a block of time during each weekday to check social media and to post on it. I’d like to try that again, in hopes that I will realize how much more real life I have time to participate in, without all the distraction of having to post every thought and meal I’ve eaten!!

What are your tips to keep the distractions at bay? Thank you, in advance, for your help on this…I want to tackle this problem head-on and come out on the other side with more time, freedom and choice!



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