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A few thoughts I had the other day, before getting to one of the most beautiful couples I’ve ever had the privilege to photograph:

I “do photography” for the opportunity to observe humanity.

Why do I want to “observe humanity”? Why do I want to be a witness to our faults? Our humanness? Our idiosyncracies? Our ability to communicate? to connect? to disconnect? Why do I want to document the beauty in a face–wrinkles, bumps, spots and all? The pain in one’s eyes? The moment just before laughter erupts, first felt in the energy of our hands? Why do I want to be a part of the hurt? The joy? The space that sits between, among it all? To see the light and the darks. The highlights and the moments only witnessed by my lens?


Because I am human. And I want to be more human. I want to know what it means to be human and to share all that that is with others. To give myself and others a chance to feel that for a split second longer than they are comfortable with…than I am comfortable with. And to let it linger in an image for even longer…perhaps for others to experience long after we are gone. Perhaps by doing this, I will help others see…and feel. Really feel…And cherish…and long for…and hold tighter…tighter even for a moment, that person that means the most to them…Hold tighter that moment that changed everything…That vast energy that is within us all to love.

To hold that tight…and then release it out into the world. This is why I “observe humanity”. Why I “do photography”? This is is my why.

And with that…I share with you two people who, as I photographed them, gave me cause to stop and consider all that I’ve written about above. I’m always working on my “why” in life and work and I am extremely proud to have followed through on it here in my work.

Kim and Jenny, as we spent time together, I felt like I could see into the future…50 years from now…where I saw the two of you embracing one another just as tightly as you did on this day, laughing just as deeply, loving infinitely more…continuing to do all that you do best.

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