Seeing an old friend…

Last night I had an awesome meeting with a couple who is getting married this winter! I love meeting new people and I especially love it when we just get along! Like seeing an old friend after a long separation…it’s just easy. We sat and drank a little wine from my next door neighbors (Dutch John’s Winery) and I got to find out how they met, how he proposed in a batting cage 😉 and what’s happening in their lives right now.

We eventually talked about what they have planned for their Wenatchee winter wedding and we talked about how I might fit into that plan. Coming away from the meeting I had a smile on my face and felt the whole evening was just very easy. I am not big into forcing anything or selling anything, but I do like to OVER-EXPLAIN myself (in case you haven’t picked on that here). I’m not sure if people like that or not, but it is how I do it and I like it! I think, in the long-run, it helps my brides and grooms to know who I am and what I believe (mostly in regards to photography, but I might throw in something about my belief that we are all just trying to make our way, and we need to make room for grace and understanding…then again, it might just be my belief that $150 jeans really ARE better and are worth the price…sorry James)!

Eventually, (in this case after 2 hours of hanging out) we finished our glasses of Syrah and said our goodbyes. When we see each other next, possibly for their engagement shoot, I have a feeling it will be just like seeing old friends.

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