Dear baby Kai {Seattle Family Photography}

Dear baby Kai,

I’m not sure if you know this, but your parents are quite possibly the best people ever. You might not yet understand how blessed you are! In time, you will experience their generous spirit, their selflessness, their beautiful way of being. You will come to know that your entire  family (both sides) are exceptionally loving & giving. You might find a time when you want to rebel against their earnestness and willingness to put it all out there. Give in to it..but only for a moment. Remind yourself how peaceful your mother is or how genuine your father is. Resist your inevitably heady ways and give your mom and dad a hug to let them know you love them more and more each day . . . even if they won’t let you get those new boots you want. And Kai, don’t forget, you are obligated to be a Zag 😉






“Mawwwmm! I wawwwnt new booooooots!!!”

undefined {hearts!}


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