reSTARt on CreativeLive

Updated: 3:44 I feel like I’m going to cry! Everyone is putting themselves out there so much! There’s so much good, positive energy here! People really want to see change in their lives. It’s hard work. And Jasmine is talking right now about the difficulties of putting your head down and just doing the work. People often see thatas being rude or standoff-ish, but honestly, the take away is: you have to do you. The change is about what you need to do for YOU in your life! That doesn’t mean you can’t NOT care about others, but you can NOT care what others THINK of what we’re doing!
2:10 So right now, im watching Jasmine do a quick 5-minute shoot to show her “branded words” which are fun, fresh and editorial” so Jen, from Scout styled this shoot and it’s adorable!! so far she’s absolutely rocking her branded words!
I am sooooo super excited for this, not because I need to watch how she works, or what her photos look like, but because in the segment right before this, she asked us to think of what our branded words are…and I had a total epiphany about this!
I’ve decided (well, I was reminded) that just taking a day to think about things like this, truly allows my mind to wander… and I NEED this kind of time!
I’m CRAZY excited to share with you the ideas I’ve had today later, but for now, I think I’ll leave you with this: ¬†change is really really hard, but it is not impossible. It takes a multitude of decision after decision after decision and that’s it… Eventually that creates a habit that becomes the change!
10:30am I decided today that instead of the normal blog, I’ll be live blogging! What could cause me to do this? Well y’all…I’m in the studios of CreativeLive!! What?? Yeah, I’m in the audience and I’m watching THE Jasmine Star talking in front of me! I’m not the type of person who is starstruck…
¬†And I’m not…but honestly…there is something about her presence… She is a fire that lights other fires. In the first 10 minutes I am already on fire!!!
She just makes you want to be better!
So, today it’s about sharing with you what I’m learning here and who I’m meeting as I go through today.. And then from here I’ll be sharing with you how my process is going.
Because that’s what restart is about! It’s about rebranding, revamping, re-STARting!!!
Why do I feel like I need to restart?
Well, frankly, my business is doing “ok” but that’s not good enough. Seriously. I want more for myself. And I want to learn how to feel good about that. To not feel selfish about that. I want to feel like I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing at all time in my life! Like, in all aspects of my life!

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