Remembering where you come from…

Yesterday I went back to my roots. I glimpsed a small patch of the farm where I grew my craft. Yesterday, I went back to work at The Wenatchee World. No, I wasn’t hired back to work as a staff photographer at the newspaper, but I was invited to be a judge for the NPPA (National Press Photographers Association) monthly clips contest with the photo staff at the paper. I even got paid–in sandwiches. I’ve been invited to do this a couple of times since I left the paper last year and began my wedding photography business and it’s been a wonderful way to stay connected to where I came from.

Not only do I have the privilege of lending my two cents to judge the contest that photojournalists from across the country enter each month, but I was able to reconnect with two of the people who helped shape me as a photographer. My former editor, Don Seabrook, and former co-worker in the photo department, Mike Bonnicksen each contributed to the way I photograph and see things to this day. They are both careful and meticulous shooters with unique visions of the world and I am grateful to each of them for sharing their knowledge, humor, and spirit with me, even now, when I’m no longer a part of their staff.

It felt like old times, going through entries in the contest, some great, some downright horrible. And, I missed them. I missed the work. I missed the comradery. I don’t think even at the beginning of this year, I could admit this. When I left last summer, there was nothing I wanted more than to be free from that job–to start my new life as wedding photographer …NOT a photojournalist being doled out assignments day after day after day. But yesterday, I realized how silly it was not to remember where I came from. I still think of myself as a photojournalist, and even though I’ve fallen in love with portraiture, I am first and foremost always looking for real moments to depict the story of a wedding day. And it’s silly to not remember and be thankful that the two people I got to hang out with yesterday are a big part of that way of thinking.

I had my iPhone with me, so I grabbed an image of our judging chambers 🙂 sorry for the poor quality (I have yet to upgrade to a fancy iPhone 5)…

Thanks to you guys for all that you do for our community, and for me, and thanks for inviting me to be a part of the staff again, if only for an afternoon.



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