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I went on a little road trip with my friend Rochelle a few days ago up to the Methow and we got to talking (a lot), as we tend to do. And, we began talking about the nuances of color. We were mainly talking about how we can obsess over wall color, or finding the right accessory in just the right color. But mostly we were talking about the way colors make us feel. And today, I am feeling a little red! This color commands attention, yet envelopes you in warmth. Lately I’ve been really aware and drawn to this gorgeous hue! In particular the very specific version of red, which I would call “garnet” is truly an “alive” color for me! And there’s no better representation of that than a pomegranate…

 Not only is the color so full of energy, the fruit itself is one of my favorite things EVER!

I found this super helpful tutorial on how to de-seed a pomegranat:

1. Cut off crown of the pomegranate.

2. Slice the rind in several places.

3. Soak pomegranate in water.

4. Break apart pomegranate.

5. Remove rind and membranes.

6. Remove seeds from bowl. (Or, you can just buy the seeds im bulk from Costco!)


How do you feel when you see this color?

Happy Friday, friends!




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