Rachel & Aaron’s {Leavenworth Washington wedding}! Part I

Savory & Sweet. This is how I think of Rachel & Aaron.. (and not necessarily in that order). They are individuals in their own right, each unique, yet complementary.

The love and passion this couple has for life, for what they do for work, for each friend, for family, and now, most importantly, for each other, makes my heart melt. Case in point:¬†Aaron just posted this status update on his Facebook page: “Continues to be amazed by how blessed my life is. Our friends and family totally made our wedding the most magical experience I’ve ever had. It was the closest thing to a real life dream I’ve ever experienced.” …and that’s what a wedding day should be–a dream, filled with ear-to-ear smiles, hugs, dancing, good food, good drink…an abundance of ALL of this!

Cheers to Rachel & Aaron, ‘”may your plates be filled with all the flavors of the world!”

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