Post-Christmas Fog…

Whew! Well, that was a doozy! Really, this year was one of those hectic and wonderful Christmases that makes you giddy like a kid all over again! James and I were in Portland at my parent’s house for Christmas. We woke up in our reindeer jammies (okay, that was just me) and bounded up the stairs to see presents under the tree and Christmas tree bread on the breakfast table…it was almost just exactly like every other Christmas morning of my entire life. We eat chorizo and eggs with hash browns and the aforementioned Christmas tree bread. We open gifts from our stockings and then from under the tree. Then, we prepare for the masses (not church, the many many family members and friends who join us on Christmas)! This year we had 22 people in total. The day is packed with our gift exchange (a two-hour affair this year) and lots and lots of cheeseball (James’ famous family recipe).

This year we added something new. We decided to go around and share a memory from years past of Christmastime. As I’ve said before, my childhood and family were (and are) pretty amazing. I am beyond, beyond lucky to have grown up with the family I have, so that made it actually really difficult to come up with a (just one) memory to share. In a way they all kind of blend together into just one big, happy day… I don’s say this brag, I say it because it truly has made me who I am today. We’re not perfect….definitely not. But, the love and friendship that is shared when we get together is kind of awesome. I am so thankful for this and wish this kind of love for everyone.

As I’ve said before here on this blog, this is essentially why I do what I do. I want others to love and be loved that much. I wish that for all of my couples. And, I hope to share, even just a bit of this kind of love and joy with them, if possible, through my images and through my interactions with them.

Cheers to you in this post-Christmas time…and a hope that love and joy surround you.




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