Paris in Seattle | Blair & Bennett | Engaged!

Simply stated: J’adore these two! I adore the way they look knowingly at one another. I adore the way they crinkle their noses when they laugh at each other’s jokes. I adore the way they give a little squeeze of the other’s hand, a sign of knowing, of assurance. And, I adore just hanging out with them!

Blair and Bennett were engaged recently while on a trip together to Paris, so to honor that occasion we discovered a little of Paris in Seattle! We sipped café au lait at Le Pichet, we walked a (blue) tree-lined square, explored in Queen Anne and finally grabbed a bite at Toulouse Petit. Blair and Bennett, I adored every minute spent with you!


{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }


  1. Glena Valentine says

    Love is in the air! What a fabulous time to be young and in love. Thanks for Sharing

  2. Bart Vandegrift says

    Kathryn, your photographs are too marvelous for words. Thank you so much. Bart and Mauricia (Blair’s parents)

  3. Delia Garcia says

    These pictures are amazing! You portrayed not only their physical beauty but also their love for one another, their individual peace and joy, and their excitement for what’s to come.

  4. F Margo Hornback says

    I was warned to grab a hanky and all I had was a Brawny papertowel! But I needed all of it! So beautiful, both of you. I celebrate you! I look forward to all the years to come down a long and happy, tree-lined life together!
    love, Margo

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