On talking to myself & the end of wedding season

So, I’m definitely not a grammar nazi, or even a grammarian, but I do like language, and try to get it right as often as possible. Here on the blog, I probably mis-speak, or mis-type I guess, quite often and I don’t even know it, but we’re among friends here, right? So I can be a little more colloquiale, no?

So, yesterday, I just minding my own business and talking to myself, as I am want to do sometimes (that’s right…the life of a small business owner who works out of her house and often doesn’t see people..except her husband..and dogs… for days), and out of my mouth came the formal “wherem“. What, you might ask, is that? Well, of course, when you’re asking a question about a person and the answer is a pronoun, (her, him, them) … the proper way to ask is: “Whom are you referring to?”



whom (the singular and plural objective case of who)

  1. (formal) What person or people; which person or people, as the object of a verb.
    Whom did you ask?

     [quotations ▼]

  2. (formal) What person or people; which person or people, as the object of a preposition.
    To whom are you referring?
    With whom were you talking?

     [quotations ▼]

Him; her; them (used as a relative pronoun to refer to a previously mentioned person or people.)

He’s a person with whom I work.
We have ten employees, half of whom are carpenters.

Right…. right. So, because I was a bit sleep deprived… I of course, asked myself (aloud, mind you), “Wherem did I put my keys??!” Because of course, I’m looking for “them” and it would be totally improper to use the informal, “where” in this case.

Right. So, of course, there is no point to this post, except to teach you (in case you were still wondering) how to use the formal “whom” and to just say that: it’s getting to be the end of wedding season and I am tired!!!

 (From One Horse Shy)



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