Moving and moving on…

Five years ago we made a decision to move to the Wenatchee area so that I could work for the local newspaper as a photojournalist. It was kind of risky since James didn’t have a job yet and there weren’t many opportunities for his particular job in the area. Thankfully, he found one quickly! And, shortly after that we found a cute little house..well, it wasn’t so cute back then 😉 but we saw its potential.

We found our puppy dog, Abbey, and brought her home. We had theme parties and dressed up for the throngs of children who would come to our door to ask, “Trick or Treat?” (and by throngs, I mean 1,000 people came to our house on Halloween last year!)

We found our second puppy dog, Parker, and brought him home.

James and I took our little cottage on Cottage Avenue and made it our home. But now, we are moving on. We purchased the house on Cottage Avenue with the intent to keep it as a house we could rent out. So, we’re doing just that!

It’s been scary not knowing exactly what we’re getting ourselves into and jumping into it feet first, but we’re doing it anyway!

It’s been five years of growing up and learning more about myself and about marriage and life as an adult. It’s been five years of a really wonderful life in our first home…

(all photos taken with iPhone)

“New Home, New Puppy”


“Halloween Through the Years”

“Work It”

“Moving On”

“Moving In”

If I could tell my five-year-ago self something, it would be: “No matter how it works out, it’s going to work out!” And, if I could tell my five-year-from-now self something, it would be: “Be better every day.”

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

p.s. We live in Wenatchee now, so don’t fear my local friends, we’ve not gone far 🙂

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