Mini Meltdown

I stood at my desk knowing that I HAD to finish this album today…well, more like yesterday, but nothing in the world seemed to motivate me. None of the usual suspects worked: I tried my routine of getting an iced coffee, lighting my pumpkin-spiced candle, turning up the heat and settling in for some morning NPR to get my day going. Nothing. I switched over to Pandora and decided maybe I should really eat something. Nothing. I sat down on my oversized exercise ball and stretched my back, thinking that maybe I was just a little physically tired and so I needed to take a break from my standing desk. Nothing. I took a few deep breaths to just try and relax. Nothing.

And then, I melted down…literally…onto the floor. As I laid there I stared at the ceiling fan rotating ’round and ’round…it didn’t stop. It mesmerize me for a few minutes…then, the moment passed…time was still going. I had to keep going.

Sometimes, a day isn’t about feeling good or having fun. Or, trying to “get in a groove” or “treating yourself”. Sometimes, you just need to do. the. work. I had to dig deep. But, I am proud to report, I crossed each and every thing off my daily to-do list. And by doing so, I did treat myself and it feels good.

Here’s to doing the work!



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