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You may recognize this face:

This is my fabulously intelligent, ambitious, talented and gorgeous niece, Mesa. She is a senior this year and so we decided to do a little photo shoot to commemorate this time. Mesa is more like a little sister/cousin/niece/friend to me. Much of her life I’ve lived away from her, away at school and always wanting to spend more time with her, to be around for all of her big moments. It’s been tough being away. Not just from her, but from my whole family. They make me who I am and they each share their talents and gifts each time I get the chance to visit them. Being away though, does make me realize how important they all are to me and the effect they have had on my life.

Mesa shares her peaceful way with me each time we get to hang out. I am instantly calmed by her. I think that’s because she just lives in the moment (something I often forget to do in my personal life). Maybe it’s because she’s still a teenager and maybe they are just better at living “in the now”, but Mesa’s ability to just be in the present is something that I think is innate to her, not just a fleeting personality trait that will vanish as soon as she hits her 20th year. It’s difficult for adults to remember how to do this though! Life begins to happen, and it’s harder and harder to hold on to the present. This is why I believe it is so important to make photographs, to put yourself and your friends and family into that moment, so that we realize how fleeting it was. And, hopefully that does something to us. Hopefully, it reminds us how important RIGHT NOW is. I know this happens to me. Every time I go to the basement to find something in my old “stuff”, I end up looking at old photos…inevitably I hear James (my husband) upstairs working away on something and think how fast time has gone and how much my past has led me to exactly where I am today and led me to him. I begin to tear up and  I go upstairs and give James a big hug. He now knows that I probably found an old photo of myself when I was 6 years old in my Kermit The Frog swimsuit and my foam “Statue of Liberty” visor taken during a visit from my grandma Dorothy and grandpa Duke. And, he usually knows to just smile and say, “when should we go to Portland?”

Mesa, never forget how much your presence in my life means to me. Never forget to be exactly who you are. And ALWAYS remember to live in the moment!






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