Meghan & Danny | Engaged!

Wet weather be damned…

We met in Leavenworth at the Forest Service ranger station and decided to hop in their car and go.

Off we went, up Highway 2, the rain drip drip dripping and the windshield wipers, wipe, wipe, wiping.

They were happy as can be in the front seat, ready for another of what was just one of many adventures they have taken, and will take-together.

Meghan and Danny seem to me, in the brief time I’ve known them, to be adventurers at heart…always seeking new horizons, new ideas, new ways of looking at things.

They are the exact kind of people I love to be around…because they not only want this for themselves, but they want to share these adventures with the people around them.

Our time together was brief, but I have no doubt this will be just one of many times we go trek together out and about … I look forward to learning more about them, and from them…

How cute is the one where Meghan’s glasses are all fogged up?!Congratulations to you two on your engagement!

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