Megan & Mark | The Wedding | Part II

As I said in Part I, Megan prayed for good weather and was maybe a little shocked when the mercury began to climb into the 90s by noon on her wedding day. It was glorious, if not a wee-bit uncomfortable, but Megan and Mark didn’t complain. Instead, they whispered sweet nothings in each other’s ear and maintained their cool.

All through the ceremony, each of them had a confident, relaxed smile on their face. I think all who watched immediately felt the breeze from their calm. And, as if part of the plan, Megan and Mark’s guest favors, white handkerchiefs, were given out before the ceremony began. It was a unique, yet highly practical gift to give! But, it was meant for use post-ceremony when Megan and Mark exited the church together, as husband and wife!

Megan and Mark exited the church into the waiting crowd of family and friends and the reception festivities began! First, the couple lead the crowd in a procession with a band and all! In high-spirits everyone made their way down the street toward the Portuguese Band of San Jose where the reception was held. Even though it was warm, the crowd danced to the beat with smiles on their faces.

The party continued with amazing food provided by the ladies and gentlemen of the PBSJ, toasts were made, tears and wine were flowing. The temperature of the room hovered around 80, but I would venture to say it wasn’t due to the temperature outside, but from the energy these two create when they bring people together. The energy from their love was palpable!

The night ended in true Megan and Mark fashion, as they hopped in a pedi-cab and headed off, together on their new adventure. The sweet moment that followed really capped it off though…as they rode off into the night, much of the crowd ran down the street to make sure they could spend just one more moment with the beautiful couple. It still brings a smile to my face!

Megan and Mark: here’s to riding into the future, with the cool breeze on your face, adventures on the horizon and your entire community behind you!


{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

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