Megan & Mark | The Wedding | Part I

A wedding is an event in which two people join together in marriage to one another. It is often so much more than that though. Of course, it is a day to wear the dress of your dreams, to make sure each detail matches the theme and the color scheme that you’ve imagined for months…sometimes years, in your head. It is a day to celebrate your love. For many it is also a day when two communities of people, and more importantly, two families, surround the couple in support of them.

Megan and Mark’s wedding was the absolute epitome of this sentiment. It was the definition of a wedding. So many people came together for months beforehand to make this day happen. Members of their family, close friends, and even strangers pitched in to help in every way.

It made me pause and think how lucky Megan and Mark are to have so many people in their lives who love them. And then I thought to myself, this has nothing to do with luck. Megan and Mark have cultivated the relationships they have in their lives and it has proven fruitful. They work hard to spread love to their family and friends and do so often. Each person who attended the wedding made the day so special. And, each person that they surround themselves with on daily basis speaks volumes about who Megan and Mark are as people. It was a distinct honor to be a part of such a blessed day.

I love you two very much!

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaids dresses: J Crew

Hair and Makeup by: Megan Brasil of San Jose, CA

Hotel: The Saint Claire San Jose, CA

Church: Five Wounds Catholic Church San Jose, CA

Reception: Portuguese Band of San Jose

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