Meet {baby} Benjamin, Olympia, Washington

And baby Ben makes three…three boys that is! Now, I’m not sure if that’s what Amy and Todd had planned (especially all three under the age of 4), but they couldn’t be better parents to take on the challenge! Seriously, they are so calm and collected (or, maybe that’s just the good face they put on for this visitor), it’s pretty remarkable really! The older boys welcomed me into their home with hugs and let me build blocks with them…after a while, the magic of a new person in the house did wear off and I saw a little glimpse into the craziness that is a young family with three little ones–and it was beautiful. Amy and Todd are in the throws of it, but when they look back on this time, they are going to see how wonderful it is and how amazingly calm and present they are able to be! We spent some time photographing the boys and the whole family too!

Congratulations to you on your beautiful, new addition!






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