My parents came to visit this weekend. We  spent time talking about what we’ve been up to and how James and I have failed to buy proper salad tongs and therefore have to serve salad to guests with a plastic soup ladle and a slatted wooded spoon (we went to the local kitchen store and rectified that situation…don’t you worry)… we went out to eat at all our favorite restaurants, went wine tasting and went in search of pretty fall color. These are the things that often make up their visits to Wenatchee. The thing that I LOVE about my parents especially, though, is the way they continue to educate themselves and continue to think, deeply, about life. They are a constant source of inspiration for me in this way.

This poem is called “Wild Geese” and it’s by one of their favorite poets, Mary Oliver. We talked a bit about her poetry and my mom brought up the idea that maybe taking the time throughout the day to read some poetry would be a good way to relax and force my mind to think about something beyond my to do list. I love the idea of it. It’s a wonderful way to stop and think, maybe just a little more deeply about life… As I read this poem, it truly does make me think beyond my small world. It is a reminder to me that life, no matter what, does keep going…And, it takes me away, even if just briefly, from my lonnng list of things to be done…Thanks, mom and dad, too, for reminding me that it’s things like this that matter most in life! Love you!




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