Making the harder choice…

Have you ever had one of those days where you have all sorts of ambition to get everything on your to-do list done and then by the end, you sort of fizzle out and watch t.v. instead? Yesterday was just that kind of day for me.

And while I got a bunch of stuff finished, there was one little nagging thing that I just couldn’t quite make myself do. I was excited at the beginning of the day at the prospect of doing it, then I started coming up with excuses for why it wasn’t a good idea, how I didn’t have time, how it was going to be too hard (insert whiniest of whiny voices here).

I told myself, if you do this, then you don’t have to go, if you get that done, then you can just do it tomorrow. Alas, that’s just what I did…

And now, it’s tomorrow. And there sit my running shoes, just waiting for me, wondering why they didn’t get any love yesterday. Why they just sat there, alone by the door, waiting for me to get over it…suck it up and just go for a run!

Some days are just like that, but as my half marathon race date gets closer, there’s less room for excuses, less room for “it’s going to be hard” and only room for, “suck it up…life is hard”.

As I think about my day yesterday, I made a series of choices. Some kept me on task, others didn’t. But it was all my choice. That’s the thing about choosing whether or not to run…it is all my choice.

Today, is a different kind of day. I still have a big list of to-dos. And I have an even bigger list of excuses. But today I am going to suck it up and choose the harder route.

What are you dreading doing today? If you don’t do it today, will you regret it?

Here’s to the harder choice…

{♥ ♥ ♥}

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