Looking up..

I’ve spent a lot of time staring at the skies this past week…waiting, wondering…

Last Saturday night a huge lightening storm caused several fires to break out in the hills around my town. And now, the skies are thick with smoke all day, everyday, making it feel as if we were in a perpetual dawn. Mostly, as I’ve starred into the sky, I’ve been thinking of all of the people this has directly affected: the firefighters who have come from all over the state to fight the multiple large fires, the homeowners who have had to leave their homes with only their most prized possessions, those poor in health who are having a difficult time with even breathing…The enormity of it is literally breath-taking.

I haven’t felt like I could do much to help, even though, I know there are ways I could have. In times like this, people are eager to pitch in, and they do! They donate food and water, and gather to talk about who needs a place to stay and they find that shelter. It’s been said before, but when tragedy strikes, our tendency, as humans, is to come together, to find out what needs to be done, and we do it.

It sounds like, right now, the community in the Wenatchee valley has gone above and beyond with donations of food and water, but what they need now, is monetary donations to The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

For those of you reading this, think about making a donation to the cause, I will be doing my part in this way, and if nothing else, spread the word about the need.

The sky may be ugly right now, but, I think of it as a beautiful reminder of how connected we all really are to one another.



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