Looking for the Light {wenatchee portait & wedding photographer}

Earlier this month, my niece, Mesa, and I met up in Seattle for the weekend to hang out and catch up. I was so excited to spend time with her and also really excited to go around the city and take some photographs with her! Not only is Mesa absolutely beautiful, she was so easy to work with! And, I fully take credit for the luminous quality of her skin…it was definitely because of the avocado, Greek yogurt, honey and lemon face masks I made for us the night before!

My objective for the day was to find some interesting and unique sources for lighting. We walked through the city and down to Pike Place (always an awesome place for photography) where we spent most of our time. We used natural light through skylights, windows, and then outside under cloudy skies, halogen lighting, tungsten and neon!

I can’t wait to do her senior portraits this summer!


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