Live your BEST life!

How often do you think… “well, if I just did that, my life would be SOOOO much better!” or, “I’m so busy right now, but when I get some time I’m going to…” I know I do! ALL. THE. TIME!

So, I try to stop and ask myself…”why aren’t you doing THAT…that thing that makes me happier and feel better?… Why am I not stopping all the busy-ness and just going out and doing the things that I know I want to do RIGHT NOW?!” Well, duh…sometimes I need to work, but in general, what is stopping me from living my best life?

Most often, I think it’s simply all of those emotions that get tied up in feeling like my life is somewhere…out THERE, waiting for me…emotions like, fear and guilt and jealousy and and AND...these emotions take over and make me FEEL like I’m destined to live the same way I’ve always lived…waiting for life to happen to me. Waiting for someone to grant me permission to go ahead a live a little. Waiting for the right time to get to the good part of life. It’s time though. Time to stop that thought process. Time to push those emotions out the door and just get to MY life! So, similar the goal list I made last week, here’s my current top 10 things I am going to do this month that will help me live my best life RIGHT NOW:

1. Throw a fabulous dinner party for friends!

2. Make a plan for educating others about photography

3. Make an apple crisp..actually, make two and share the second with someone.

4. Begin to plan a big trip for next summer…

5. Find the PERFECT pair of boots…and buy them!

6. Go photograph something on film, just for myself

7. Do more yoga

8. Pick a song to learn and take time every day to practice it.

9. Get Skype on my parent’s computer so we can talk that way and often!

10. Play board games with James in the evenings, or read more…leave Hulu and Netflix for another day…

These are LITTLE things, right? But, they add up and make up the whole of the life I want to lead…

Leave a comment below telling me what your top 3 (or ten, if you want) things that you can do RIGHT NOW to live your best life??


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