Jennifer & Dustin {Engaged!} | Leavenworth Wa Wedding Photography

If I could name my favorite part about the engagement session with Jennifer and Dustin at Pomeroy Farm and Lucia Falls, it would be the very beginning when we had just begun to pose in the doorway of a house in the parking lot at Lucia Falls and a man in stars and stripes suspenders asked if he could sneak past us to knock on the door. Dustin had observed that the man had car trouble and asked if he could help him in anyway. It struck me how quickly Dustin offered his help without even thinking. The man just had to wait it out, since it looked like it was an overheated radiator, but Dustin told him, whatever he needed, he would try to help out…

If I could name my second favorite part of the session, it would have to be the very end of the evening when Jennifer and Dustin decided they would get into the river at Lucia Falls, so I could make some portraits of them there! Both were NOT looking forward to how cold it would be, but they were still up for it and happy to try it!

There are so many other favorite parts of the day that stick out, like getting to meet their dog Checkers, but in the end, it was just getting to know these two that was my very favorite part. They have such good hearts and are so adorable together! The way that they each give without question, and live with such enthusiasm, is really inspiring to be around! Plus, Jennifer’s laugh is seriously infectious!

Thank you, both, for spending the day with me and sharing with me your generous spirit!!!



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