It’s the end of the world as we know it… | Leavenworth Wedding Photography

And they feel fine! Halley and Chuck will be married at the Historic 1625 Tacoma Place in downtown Tacoma, Wa on December 22, 2012. That’s right — the day after the end of the world! So, whether the apocalypse happens or not, they plan to celebrate their love for one another!

The whole idea behind this wedding theme makes me happy for 3 (three) reasons.

1) Any couple who makes this the theme of their wedding has got to be cool!

2) This theme lends itself to amazing decorating ideas…which will all be created and coordinated by my good friend, Hillary Hamm.

3) If you don’t have a little humor surrounding your wedding, what fun will it be?!

Halley and Chuck know how to have fun and be silly, so that’s why we decided to carry the apocalypse theme into their engagement session…. Wait..what?! Yes…you heard me. You didn’t think gas masks could be pretty did you, well think again!

And, I want to reiterate to Halley and Chuck how amazing they are…for each other and well, in general! Thanks again you two for giving me permission to have fun and live a little…all before the world comes to an end!! I can’t wait to celebrate it with you!


W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory Tacoma

Gibson’s Frozen Yogurt in the Stadium District, downtown Tacoma

Parking Garage near the Rialto Theatre, downtown Tacoma

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