it all happened on a river…

I had the immense pleasure of meeting a wonderful Wenatcheeite (that’s a person living in Wenatchee, Washington, fyi) recently and had the opportunity to photograph her! Her name is Teri Fink and she is an author and educator. She has such a serene way about her. And her home made me swoon…super calming and modern all at once. We spent a few hours one afternoon taking portraits of her for her new book! The book is about another wonderful person and Wenatcheeite, Isak Gaši…

My River Sava: Isak Gaši’s story of passion, prejudice, and prison camp
by Teri Fink
Isak Gaši had it all. He was a member of the elite Yugoslav National Canoe/Kayak Team, a national marathon champion three times over, and an international competitor. His best friends were Olympic Gold medalists, and Isak may have been, too, had he not been so outspoken against Communist leaders. He married Jasminka, a spirited and courageous woman. After nine years of marriage they started a family with the birth of a baby girl.
But, like the Berlin Wall, it all came tumbling down when the Bosnian War broke out. Isak was arrested and thrown into a prison camp. A death camp. He was beaten and tortured. He witnessed killings, and was forced to dispose of bodies. Finally, he was scheduled for execution.
Jasminka decided to do whatever she needed to do to save her husband, including finding the one man, a top-ranking enemy officer, who could set him free. This is their story; the story of a life that was taken away by war.
It all happened on a river. The River Sava.

Isak’s story is remarkable. I have had the pleasure of spending time with Isak on our river, the Columbia, where he routinely paddles faster in his one man boat, than our eight-person can row!
Thank you, Teri, for sharing this incredible story with us about this remarkable man!
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