I don’t want to work today, so let’s have a Dance Party!

Yesterday was filled with a bunch of tasks that I just didn’t want to do! So many times, I’ll set out to accomplish SO much in one day, only to find myself doing everything BUT those tasks! This wasn’t really an option though…I HAD to get things done. So, I needed to kick start my productivity…somehow…someway…and that’s when inspiration struck…

Time for a dance party!

And it totally worked!! I danced like a crazy person (seriously, if you haven’t watched the video, you are in for a treat…think Elaine on Seinfeld)! My dogs even got into the mix (Parker acted just like every other guy I’ve ever seen up in the club…bad dog…bad!) And Abbey showed off her mad skills! I got my heart rate up, just enough to be PUMPED to DO. THE. WORK!

What are your tricks for just getting shhhtuff done?



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