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I know that this is kind of heavy for a Tuesday, but I want to share with you, my dear blog readers, my “why”. This is the reason I do what I do….

I believe…I was lucky.

I grew up in a family with two parents in the house–two parents that modeled pure love. We didn’t want for much. I grew up rarely worrying…except …except…I worried that I would never find someone who would love me the way my dad loved my mom. I grew up worrying that I wasn’t good enough, or pretty enough, or skinny enough to be loved. I struggled with this each and every day at a university where everyone seemed to have a perfect life.
Then, one day, I walked into a room full of people, some of whom I realized were true friends, but most of whom seemed to want to see me fail, or, at the very least, could care less if I succeeded. But, in that room, I saw one man who, in that moment, I knew I wanted to marry. A million thoughts about how I wasn’t good enough, or pretty enough or smart enough flooded into my head, but I pushed them aside and put on that front I had crafted over the years, that allowed me to come across as cool and confident, and I introduced myself.
Our palms met as we shook hands and I further knew that I was in the presence of someone who could love so deeply, so honestly, so intuitively, that he could match all my childhood illusions of what love could be, of what love should be…I met my husband, James, that day.
He told me from that very day that I was deserving of love. I was worthy of it. He told me that I could have a life so full of this kind of love, that it could match the life I grew up in…and that it was okay. I didn’t have to feel guilty, or sabotage myself, like so many people can do.
I discovered something about myself when I met James. I discovered that following my heart and trusting myself would lead me in the direction I needed to go and that listening to the noise around me only distanced me from what truly matters. And, since then, each and every time I follow my heart, there has been a light-bulb moment! “Ah ha!” I’ve thought, “this is how I’m supposed to live my life!” And, each and every time I have decided to follow through on these “ah ha!” ideas, James has gently put his hand on my lower back and pushed me toward those dreams. He has encouraged me to drown out the noise. To focus. To be strong. From photojournalism, to photographing weddings and all of the other life in between, he has been there to say, “follow your heart…”

(Our First Kiss as husband and wife, 6 years ago)

I see the world the way I do because of James, and my parents, and many other amazing people in my life. I photograph the way that I love: emotionally, honestly, deeply, intuitively. And I photograph people the way I do because I can see in them what others have seen in me: they deserve love. They deserve to be valued. They are beautiful. They deserve everything they can imagine their lives to be!
I absolutely see this in people as I photograph them and I want that reflected to them in the photographs I take–like a mirror reflecting the most perfect image they can possibly imagine of themselves. This is what I strive to create each and every time I press the shutter…each and every time I shake a hand…each and every time I look into someone’s eyes…I strive to remind them they deserve love and they are loved.
I firmly believe this, and I strive to conduct myself and my business in a way that reflects these values.

Thank you, for allowing me to share a piece of me with you today.

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }


Oh, and happy anniversary (a few days late), James!

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