Every year my good friends and I get together for a Goal Party. It’s usually a few weeks after New Year’s, lest it be confused with a Resolution Party. No. This is different. Resolutions are general ideas for how we could be better or different. Goals are definitive statements about what we are going to accomplish.This year is our 4th annual Goal Party and I’m inviting you all to participate! 

Here’s how:



I want you to win the prize (a $25 gift card to my favorite clothing & home accessories store, Anthropologie), but more importantly I want you to take a little time to think about what you really want to do in this coming year.

Our annual party is a time for my friends and I to get together and talk about the past year, we always go over the previous year’s goals to see what we accomplished and what we (inevitably) didn’t get to.

The year before last I had 27 goals. Oh yes, that’s right…27. I didn’t accomplish any of them –fully.

So, this past year, I had ONE simple goal: start my business. Like, for reals. And, that’s what  I did. (It was a little more nuanced and specific than that, but the overarching goal was just that simple.)

So, this year I plan to do it again… One Goal. One Year.  

And, I will make it happen. I’m not talking weight loss, or no more candy (though those are good ideas) I’m saying, for example: “By the end of the year I will run at least one marathon.” Be specific.

And, be lofty! “By the end of 2012, I will read 150 books.”

We plan to have our Goal Party January 14, 2012. So, that will be the deadline for the giveaway! I will announce the winner January 16 on my blog & reveal what my BIG goal will be for 2012!

Oh, and don’t write down a goal, if you’re not going to do it! Really commit to it. I promise to commit to my goal. In everything that you do this year, make a commitment to doing it as best as you can. I know I will. Make a commitment to be better. I will. Make a commitment to yourself and to your family. I will. Make a commitment to use this goal to make this your best year yet! I will!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all!

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I’m excited to see what your year has in store for you!



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