Gina & Jonathan | The Wedding!

Gina & Jonathan are now Ginathan! As I wrote about in their engagement session post, these two people have very special hearts and now those hearts, those very special hearts are forever committed to one another. But, you see, their hearts are large. Large enough to be committed to one another, but hearts that have plenty of room left over to give to their families, their faith and their friends.

On their wedding day, it became even more obvious to me the kinds of hearts these two have by the people that were a part of the celebration. Such sweet, open and kind people were present…and that certainly is a testament to the kind of people Gina and Jonathan are and strive to be.

Thank you, Gina and thank you Jonathan, not only for having these special hearts for one another, but sharing them with those around you…may you always receive the kind of love that you have for others… Congratulations to you both!

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