fresh summer

I declare this “the summer of fresh!” I’ve just planted a vegetable garden this year. I have fresh greens already, and now radishes and carrots are beginning to arrive…AND sweet, FRESH strawberries sit there waiting for me to pick them!

Lately, I’ve spent my mornings waking up, making coffee and then heading out to the garden to hand water it. Yes, that’s right…hand water…(it’s a small garden, so I can do that). But, it’s a purposeful act, to get me to slow down and relax…

Soon, summer will be filled with the go-go-go of weddings, but I plan to continue my ritual of waking up early and starting each day outside in the garden.

I think this helps my brain to calm down and think about things differently. I find that when I allow make myself do this, my work is better…fresher. The start of this summer has been a really happy one for me! I am so very excited to channel this fresh, new energy into my work and into my life! Here’s to the summer of fresh!

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

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