Flying in the face of failure…

Oh man! How we can think we are flying, and really we’re just driving down the road with our head out the window (no offense to my dogs….I know it’s heaven for you!) … I might be being a bit harsh here, but I just revisited this blog post from a few weeks ago and I have failed miserably, on accountability and mainly…follow through… YIKES!

The list of ways I planned to live my life going into the next few months feels like a distant memory…I blame the smoke. But really, it’s me who didn’t follow through. And, that was the point of that particular post. I am bad a follow through.

Oh, and remember that goal list I made? Yeah, has not even been on my radar.

So, what’s the deal?! I’m asking myself these questions right now: Were my goals too lofty? Were there too many? Were any of those things really that important to me? I’d say, “no, no and yes”. I will say that the smoke played a major part in derailing a bunch of my plans (if you don’t know what I’m referring to in regards to the smoke, see here). But, that is really just an excuse.

I think, in all honesty, this is the first time I’m doing much of what I’m doing when it comes to business and even though, in all of this list making and goal setting, I was attempting to achieve some balance, there just isn’t any balance these days! Can I get an, “Amen!” from my photographer friends?! But, again, that is just another excuse. If I want to truly achieve balance, it is something I must work toward, not just say I’m going to do and think about. I must. take. ACTION.

One thing I’ve desperately been missing is running. When the smoke hit, I ceased all training. Yep, I admit it…I just stopped everything exercise wise. I do think it was for the best, since I don’t belong to a gym right now and the smoke was intense and really, really harmful to even breathe in normally. I do believe that by beginning here, with exercise, I will get back on track with much of everything else I have on my lists. Or, at least that’s been my experience in the past.

So, here’s to flying…feeling the wind on my face again…letting go, and living in the moment! Here’s to making goals, not achieving them, and setting new ones, knowing that yeah, your attempt might have been a miserable failure, but YOU are not.



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